JP Nutritional Biotechnology Sdn Bhd

2004.05 JP Nutritional Biotechnology S/B was founded

JP Nutritional Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. is specialized in production and trade of high-tech premixes for livestock, poultry and aquatics. Focus on nutritional related additives, premixes and pharmaceuticals.

Baby Milk

Piglet before weaning.
20KG / Per Bag

Creep Feed AAA

Piglet before & after weaning.
25KG / Per Bag

Premix 100S

Body weight 10-30kg
25KG / Per Bag

Premix 200S

Body weight 30-90kg
35KG / Per Bag

Premix 300S

Body weight 90~market weight.
36KG / Per Bag

Premix 500B

Sow gestation
35KG / Per Bag

Premix 600B

Sow lactation
35KG / Per Bag

Stronger Brothers P800

30KG / Per Bag

LY 300

Layer Chicken
25KG / Per Bag