JP Nutritional Biotechnology
JP Feed Technology

2004 May JP Nutritional Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. was founded. JP Nutritional Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. is specialized in production and trade of high-tech premixes for livestock, poultry and aquatics.

2010 September JP Feed Technology Sdn. Bhd. was founded. JP Feed Technology Sdn. Bhd. is specialized in production of commercial feed, providing tecnical support and management consultation for the feed and farming, conducting extensive business strategic alliance, and driving the industrial upgrading of animal husbandry.

Founded 2012, JP GROUP is an established and diversified group of companies which our core businesses focusing on manufacturing animal premix, animal health products, farm equipment and facilities, trading, farming, farm management, agricultural contractor / livestock services, contractors & palm oil plantation as well as provide professional consultancy & services.

We are also engaged as research and development of nutrition, biotechnology products and agriculture equipments. JP GROUP is always dedicated to help farmer to produce clean and healthy farm products to end user without compromising the environment we are living.

Our Team

With its team of well trained & dedicated staff, JP GROUP strive to provide quality products and professional services to as carry out in our philosophy since incorporated. JP GROUP acquired a research and development in commercial farm. This commercial farm will act as an experimental farm for the company's product and enable the company products to be more competitive in market. The new feed formulation always tested in the demo farm before products are successfully marketed. JP GROUP premixes are always cost effective to help farmers obtain the highest profits by following our products and feeding program.

To date, with our JP GROUP has established raw material supply base by cooperating with other enterprises, and co-developed commodity transportation and marketing channel in conjunction with nationwide business partners. Therefore, JP GROUP can secure safe raw material and feedstuffs supply for its own use and strategic business partners as well.

To meet the vigorous market demand in MALAYSIA, CHINA, TAIWAN and VIETNAM, Win Men TECH has branch office in MALAYSIA (Ipoh, Selangor, Johor) VIETNAM (Ho Chi Minh City), TAIWAN (Taipei City) and CHINA (Beijing City).

Our Philosophy

The founder of the JP GROUP, Mr. Ng Chor Mong has a corporate philosophy: To govern the country and bring peace to all, one should first be able to govern one's family; to govern one's family successfully; one should first learn to govern oneself. This is one of the phrases from Chinese. Everything will be success if we can have a good personality. Everything is start from have a good personality, and then you may have a good family. Furthermore, when you can have a good family background, you may success in your career also known as rules the world.

The founder is based on this philosophy and continued his journey to bring the company enter the international field. Besides that, the founder also have a key of success to rule his world (manage the business). Without serenity, you will not be able to gain the point of view. This mean we need to a quiet state of mind, so that we our thoughts can lead to the further ideas. Furthermore, the founder wishes all the employees in JP Group equipped with these three principles:

The employee is a positive thinker.
The employee is a mature person.
The employee is a creative person.

The founder hopes his employees work without any stress in his companies. He hopes all the tasks given can be finished on the day and there are no any overtime for his employees.

Our Place

In line with our expansion, we have moved to new plant which is easy accessible & strategically located near to Penang second link, North South Highway and Penang port.

Our Innovation

The innovation of JP Group is replacing of technology of a surplus of the human wasting, high effectiveness to replace by slowing growth of the time wasting, high quality instead of blindly roping waste of money, and merge with the latest biotechnology and the natural organic agriculture.

Our Vision

The company vision is to promote the health and developmental benefits that have been attributed to pro-biotic; a main property is the improvement of international microbial balance of the host and immune system enhancement. In addition, the company aims to reduce to the least of the wastage which produced from their products. The company used the products which make from the organic and will not leave the wastage make the pollution to the environment.

Our service

We are works as importers, exporters, manufacturers, livestock services contractors and suppliers in all kind of biotechnology, agriculture and farm. Furthermore, JP GROUP also provided the professional services for farm management and feed formulation.
JP GROUP are sincere provide customers with the latest service, such as;

1. Provide professional research on feed formulation
2. International raw materials market and future trends
3. Local market of the pigs price and the market changes
4. Genetic breeding news
5. Discussion and development of advanced equipment
6. Farm business strategy
7. The concept of pathology and treatment
8. The latest breeding management concept
9. Discussion of the advanced technology

The reason of JP GROUP divided into four different companies because each of the companies has their own product and specialization. In this order, JP GROUP can give their customers the best services.

Our Organizational Chart

Our Holding Company Organizational Chart

Our Director


+6012 404 3333

Qualification : Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, obtained in 1993.
Briefing : Mr.NG CHOR MONG has over 20 years of working experience in operations and business development in various industries. He has hands on experience in human capital management, transfer of technologies, food and beverages manufacturing, franchising, retailing and commercialization of new technologies. He is currently responsible in managing the overall operations of JP GROUP with focus on new business developments, R&D and new product developments.


+6012 494 0098R

Briefing : Mr. ANG CHIN GUAN has been working in the agriculture field for over 20 years. His main job resposibility is to understand the market movement, strategize the company direction, set the company's goal and lead all the staff to achieve the objectives. He will also the responsible person for smooth running of daily operation and proper human resource staffing.