JP Nutritional Biotechnology Sdn Bhd
Celebrating 10 Years

Together We Planned for 10 Year
United We Strive for a Greener Future.

JP Nutritional Biotechnology
JP Feed Technology

2004.05 JP Nutritional Biotechnology S/B was founded
2010.09 JP Feed Technology S/B was founded

Win Men Biotech
Win Men Resources

2008.06 Win Men Biotech S/B was founded
2010.10 Win Men Resources S/B was founded

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Services & News & Gallary

We will provide the latest technology, the concept of pathology and treatment, management concept, genetic breeding news and local market of the pigs price and the market changes info.

Cost saving is always the key to maximize profit. We will provide the formulas calculation for clients.

We will provide clients clients the information of swine some like Gestation of Sow, Sow Feed Intake Chart and Swine Fattening Chart.

Company Trip. Seminar. All times we’ll want to be able to look back on with proper recall years down the road.